How To Read Your Human Design Chart

I believe that everyone is looking for the solutions of human design chart right now. My interests in personality exploration and depth psychology led me to discover a system that has a profound impact on how I think and feel on multiple levels. Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram are two of the major personality typing systems, but Human Design has given me a fresh take on how to interpret my results. I believe that each of these belief systems contains a significant amount of knowledge, and I strongly suggest that everyone investigate all of them to see which one most strongly resonates with them. In point of fact, I want you to locate some new ones for me and then tell me where I may learn more about them.

Because it analyzes your energetic map or circuitry based on the date, time, and location of your birth, human design is comparable to horoscopes in several ways.

The human design chart method reveals to you how your energy DNA is structured… It is simply an additional doorway leading to a more profound comprehension of who you are. However, from personal experience, I am aware that the chart may be confusing at first glance, which is why I would like to go through the fundamentals with you if you are just getting started. I’m going to walk you through each of the subsections of a chart, as well as demonstrate how you can conduct additional research on your own!

As a 4/6 Projector, I have a tendency to become preoccupied with different kinds of systems. When I initially discovered Human Design, I plunged headfirst into my own chart within the first few hours, and within the first few days, I was able to truly uncover some subconscious habits that had been holding me back!

In my opinion, anything can serve as a tool for the personal development of the person using it. Less due to the fact that a specific method, educator, or therapist possesses all of the solutions… and much more since each and every one of the solutions may always be found within you.

Your capability of using thought forms as a launching point to evaluate more internal knowledge about yourself has the potential to radically alter how you function in your life. It can also provide you with the insight and tools necessary to improve not only your own life but also the lives of those with whom you have close personal relationships. Your willingness to learn new things and make room in your mind for unconventional concepts is the bedrock upon which expansion and development are built. We should never stop trying to better comprehend ourselves and the world around us, and we should never stop trying to learn new things.

The Human Design Chart Properties

The human design chart Properties are as follows:

1. Type

When people start talking about human design, this is often the first thing that comes up in the conversation. You will fall into one of these four categories. Every category has its own unique set of traits. Each variety possesses distinct energetic centers, which can either be defined or left open-ended. Additionally, each type has an aura that is unique to it and corresponds to it.

2. Strategy

One of the most significant things to keep in mind if you are just getting started!

Every category employs a unique and specialized tactic.

Each tactic is associated with a certain kind, which ensures that the energy of that type is utilized as effectively as possible.

3. Not-Self Them

Because each type has a not-self theme, it follows that when members of that type are not adequately honoring their energy, they will experience the aforementioned unpleasant feelings.

4. Authority

Every single person has an inner authority that is independent of their personality type.

If you want to make the most of your power and your energy, you need to make decisions that come from a place of authority. This is the space from which you should operate.

5. Profile

The numbers that you see here correspond to lines, and each line possesses its own unique qualities.

These profile numbers also color your design and personality planet numbers. For example, in the case of the number 52.6, the.6 indicates that the gate (or number) in question has the personality of The Role Model (but these numbers changes according to your own chart)

6. Channels

Energy flows along channels, which are symbolized by the lines that connect each energetic center to one another.

Each channel, much like the gates, possesses a certain quality that sets it apart from the others human design chart. One way to think about the channels is as something like a chemical reaction. The combination of two gates, each of which possesses its own set of characteristics, results in the formation of something new that also possesses those characteristics.

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