How to Work with Your Human Design Gates?

A good number of us are interested in learning more about the human design gates in our chart.


Should we educate ourselves about our gates? Absolutely! The act of learning is quite rewarding. Having said that, there are a few things that we need to bear in mind when studying gates, or really any aspect of our Human Design gates chart for that matter!


Human design gates  are the points in our Human Design map at which energy enters and leaves. The actual gates have been plotted out in accordance with the planetary activations that are indicated to the right and left. If a certain number shows up as one of your activations, the corresponding gate will be specified.

How to Work with Your Human Design Gates?
How to Work with Your Human Design Gates?

Every single black and red line represents a  human design gates:

The energy that is released from each gate has its own distinct flavor. Therefore, if you have a gate activated, it indicates that the energy leaving and entering that center will keep that specific taste, and it will do so even if the gate is closed.


The frequency of your aura is made up of all of these gate “flavors” combined together.


When you are reading about your human design gates, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, including the following:


The conscious mind and the subconscious

Check to see if the gates on your chart are coloured red or black as you go through the process of analyzing them (unconscious or conscious). I went into more detail about this subject matter here. Whether they are operating on a conscious or unconscious level will determine how they manifest themselves in your life.

Planetary Positions and Relationships

Each human design gates are connected to a certain planet, and it is the location of that planet that is responsible for opening and closing the gate. You can gain some insight into the facet of yourself that is associated with a particular gate by observing the planet that is associated with the gate in question.

The Hexagram Line That Is Associated with the Gate

In addition, each human design gates can be found on a distinct line of the hexagram. For example, in the picture that is currently displayed above, you can see that it depicts the gate, followed by a period and another number in the range of 1 to 6. The lines of the hexagram are represented by this number between 1 and 6.

How to Work with Your Human Design Gates?
How to Work with Your Human Design Gates?

When we look at our own profiles (for example, I have a 1/3 profile), the lines of the hexagram are the most typical area that we find. On the other hand, you can also find them at the more in-depth tiers of our Human Design charts.


It is imperative that you do not cede control of your life to something that you have not personally experienced or that does not ring true for you. This is the overarching message that I try to convey in all that I do. The purpose of Human Design gates are to decondition, which means to realize what is you and what isn’t, and to experience the incredible sense of relaxation that comes with taking deep breaths and sinking within oneself.


If we hear about a gate in our astrological chart and say, “Oh, that’s me, and I have to be that!” then we are just further programming ourselves to be that way!

How to Work with Your Human Design Gates?
How to Work with Your Human Design Gates?

Learn about the human design gates in your chart, make a mental note of the knowledge, and keep moving forward with your life, that is the recommendation I have for you. Take note of the varying circumstances, dynamics, and energy that are manifesting themselves in your life.

When you begin to recognise patterns or have questions, it is a good idea to review the information that you have on your gates to determine whether or not they contain any insight that could assist you on your journey. This can be beneficial if the human design gates do contain any useful information.

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