The Different Human Design Gates

The theory of Human Design gates that there are different gates, each of which can potentially be defined in a person’s bodygraph. These gates stand for the archetypal energy that is carried by all humans.


The human design gates chart and the meanings they represent were derived from the 64 hexagrams found in the Chinese I Ching. These hexagrams correspond to the astrological degrees as well as the bodygraph centers.


Over the course of the previous several weeks, we have discussed all of the many forms of Human Design gates including its characteristics, strategies, and authorities, as well as the impact that open and closed centers have on our lives.

The Different Human Design Gates
The Different Human Design Gates

Simply providing the date, time, and location of your birth is all that is required to generate a Human Design Chart. Your date of birth is utilized in the calculation of your astrological chart, which is then transformed into your Human Design Body Graph (64 Gates). The information that allows us to understand our Type is also provided by the Body Graph (Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector).

The concept of type provides an explanation of a strategy, and it operates in all levels of consciousness, shifting along with the individual. This results in the recognition of inner authority and profiles.

The workings of the human blueprint examined in detail Gates

Each of the Human Gates in Human Design equate to a little less than six astrological degrees, and the precise degree defines which line the gate falls under. A little less than one astronomical degree separates each of the six lines.


Your chart is a snapshot of the 13 placements in Human Design “transiting” a gate at the time of your birth, and each of those “transits” corresponds to a different gate.


There are 384 different options for each location on the chart given that there are human gates and each gate has six lines.

For instance, in the chart that is located above, the conscious sun is located at Gate 26.2. This is the top spot in the black column.

The relevance of gates in the Human Design chart

Every gate in the chart denotes a different archetypal energy that is shared by all people, and this energy can be thought of as existing on a spectrum.

The Different Human Design Gates
The Different Human Design Gates

The human gates that you have defined for yourself in your chart are the gates that you have incarnated into this lifetime to continually exemplify. And the gates that are not stated in your chart are the gates that you incarnated to embody occasionally so that you can grow your wisdom and discernment.


The precise location of a human gates archetype inside your natal chart is what will decide the role that it will play in your life.


For instance, if a gate appears in your incarnation cross, it will be an important factor in determining what your mission is for being here on Earth.

If, however, it is defined in one of the outer planets, such as Pluto, it will play a more major part in the process of unravelling generational and communal patterns. (Very soon, I intend to make a comprehensive piece on the topic of planets.)

The Most Important Gates in the Chart

The human design gates of an individual’s incarnation cross are the most significant ones in their chart since the cross signifies the individual’s mission in life.


I discuss the relevance of the conscious sun, conscious earth, unconscious sun, and unconscious heart in the post that I wrote on the incarnation cross. Additionally, you are able to make use of this library of gates in order to better comprehend the gates that are present in your system.

The Different Human Design Gates
The Different Human Design Gates

When you are ready for a more in-depth exploration of the human design gates of your incarnation cross, I will conduct that exploration for you in the Human Design Map.

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